Pressure Induced SIT

The Superconductor Insulator Transition (SIT), has been in the focus of condensed-matter research for the past few decades. The SIT is a quantum phase transition that occurs at zero temperature and is driven by quantum fluctuations and controlled by a non-thermal tuning parameter. So far, a few tuning parameters have been investigated, for example thickness, external magnetic field, and level of disorder. In this research we plan to explore a new tuning parameter – hydrostatic pressure. We will explore its possible potential in causing a superconductor insulator transition in different samples such as doped InO films and 2D superconductor dot arrays. We will pressure those samples by using a diamond anvil cell, a device that can apply pressure on small sample up to 100 giga pascal. In order to use that device, we will develop a method to apply pressure on thin films by evaporating directly on a diamond.