CV Aviad Frydman



Department of Physics, Bar Ilan University

Ramat Gan 52900, Israel

Telephone: 972-3-531-8102

Fax: 972-3-738-4055



Date of Birth: 09/02/64, Melbourne Australia

Arrived in Israel: 19/11/64

Married, 4 children.


Academic Background:

1992-1996 Ph.D. (distinction), Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Thesis: “Quantum Mechanical Tunneling in the Presence of Intermediate States.” Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Ovadyahu.

1990-1992 M.Sc. (cum laude), Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Thesis: “The Influence of Film Thickness on the Electric Transport of Disordered Insulators”. Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Ovadyahu.

1987-1990 B.Sc. (cum laude), Physics and Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



2012-2013 Visiting Professor CNRS, Grenoble

2006-present Associate Professor Bar Ilan University

2005-2006 Visiting professor Yale university

1999- 2005 Senior Lecturer Bar Ilan University

1996-1999 Post Doctoral Researcher  University of California, San Diego

1992-1996 Teaching assistant  Hebrew University, Jerusalem

 Academic Awards and Distinctions:

2000-2003 “Pollak” fund scholarship

1997  “Max Shlimiak” scholarship.

1996  Hebrew University post-doctoral scholarship

1995-1996 “Charles Clore” Research Scholarship

1994 Excellence Prize in honor of Alza Wiener

1991 Rector’s graduate scholarship

1987-1990 “Amirim Program” for excellent students

 1987 Dean’s undergraduate Scholarship


Invited Talks in conferences:

2013: “Temperature dependent memory in electron glasses”, TIDS15, Barcelona.

2012: “Ultra-slow relaxation in discontinuous film based electron glasses”, Non-equilibrium transport in low dimensional systems, Kfar Blum, Israel.

2011: “Anomalous voltage drop in superconducting InOx wires” The Superconductor Insulator Transition, Argonne national lab, USA.

“The electron glass in discontinuous metal films”, Disordered systems – from condensed matter to cold atoms, Cargese, Corsica.

2010:  ” Granular Ni – ferromagnetic electron glasses” Electron Glasses, Santa Barbara, USA

                        ” Ferromagnetic Electron Glasses” Out of equilibrium quantum systems, Santa Barbara, USA

  “Coulomb blockade and electron interaction effects in strongly coupled metallic quantum dots”, Quantum-dots 2010, Chernagolovka, Russia.

2009:  “The interplay between Itinerant Ferromagnetism and Anderson localization”    New Frontiers is Spintronics” – Jerusalem

“An analogue between superconductivity and ferromagnetism in ultrathin films”, SUPERCONDUCTIVITY-from collective modes to quantum phase transitions, Minnesota.

“Inverse proximity effect in thin superconducting and ferromagnetic layers”, Conference on Superconductor Insulator transitions, Trieste – Italy.

“The inverse proximity effect in ultrathin films”, Transport in Disordered systems – 13, Rackeve, Hungary

2008: “The inverse proximity effect” – Superconducting insulator transition, Weizmann institute

2007: “Current induced magnetism in systems of magnetic nanoparticles”. “Superconductivity and Magnetism in the perovskites and other novel materials”, Kefar Hamacabia.

“Nonequilibrium voltage noise in superconducting wires”, SPIE conference on noise and fluctuations in Materials, circuits and Devises, Florence, Italy

2006: “Electric-transport through systems of nanomagnetic particles”. Bar Ilan Jubilee symposium on Nanotechnology, Ramat Gan.

2005: “Asymmetrical magnetoresistans in magnetic nanostructures”, Third Indo-Israel Meeting in Condensed Matter Physics, Puri, India.

“Utilyzing an AFM for studying the electronic transport through single nanoparticles”. SPM 2005, Holon, Israel.

2004: “The inverse proximity effect in ultra-thin superconductors”, International Thin Films Workshop, Brookhaven National Lab, USA.

2003: “Magnetoresistance properties of dilute granular Ferromagnets”, 10th International Conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Trieste, Italy.

“Magnetoresistance properties of dilute granular Ferromagnets”, International Conference on Nano Science and Technology, Calcutta, India

2002: “The superconductor Insulator transition in systems of ultrasmall grains”, Israel-India condensed matter meeting, Jerusalem.

2001: “The superconductor Insulator transition in systems of ultrasmall grains”, Minerva conference, Dead Sea, Israel

1998:  “Excess conductance in normal metal-superconductor Interfaces”, 2nd International Conference on Mesoscopic and Strongly Correlated Systems, Chernagolovka, Russia.

“Excess Andreev conductivity through Anderson Insulators”, 2nd Israel-Japan conference, Tokyo, Japan.

‏1997:  “The proximity effect in granular ferromagnets”, 8th International conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Murcia, Spain.

“Conductance Fluctuations in Mesoscopic Granular Superconductors”, International Conference on Mesoscopic and Strongly Correlated Systems, Chernagolovka, Russia.

1996: “Andreev Tunneling through Anderson Insulators”, 6th International Conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Jerusalem, Israel.

 “Andreev Reflections in Disordered Media”, American Physical Society meeting, Los Angeles.

 1995: “Sub-Harmonic Gap Structure in SIS junctions”, The Israeli Physical Society Meeting, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.


Conference Organizer:

2011 Transport in disordered interacting systems TIDS14-Chair

2009  55th meeting of the Israeli physical Society- Chair

2004 Israeli vacuum society conference – Organizing Committee

 2003 The 49th meeting of the Israel Physical Society (IPS-2003) – Deputy Chair

2001  9th International conference on Hopping and Related Phenomena, Shefayim, Israel – Chair